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Agency Operations. Simplified.

Clients get the care they expect, when they expect it and at the right cost. Caregivers get the information they need in one secure location. And you get unmatched visibility and control over the entire process.


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Provide the best care for your clients

AssuriCare simplifies each aspect of agency operations, letting you and your teams
focus on providing the best care for your clients and their families.



EVV Made Easy

Electronic visit verification is more than just a box to check.  AssuriCare’s EVV platform is accessible by mobile app and telephony, making it easy for clients, caregivers and you to get all the visit details you need, as soon as you need them.


Smart Scheduling

AssuriCare allows you to quickly book and manage visits through an intuitive online system and mobile app. Gone are the days of phone tag and back-and-forth emails, leaving you time to focus on what you do best – delivering outstanding long-term care to your clients.




Fast Billing and Payments

Get paid faster with AssuriCare’s agency electronic billing solution. We make billing insurers and Medicaid a snap, which lets you focus on what matters most - growing your business.


Accurate Data when you need it

Get real-time, customizable reporting to make quick, informed decisions. Track caregiver performance, manage multiple offices consistently, and even get alerted before staff licenses or trainings expire.




Evv & Compliance Made Easy

  • Automate Medicaid and Insurance Claims
    • 21st Century Cures Act compliant electronic billing in 837 and other file formats.  Automatically post 835 format remittance files.  Our platform is also directly interfaced to most state EVV aggregators.
  • Reduce Payroll and Billing Cycle Times
    • All caregiver, client, visit, charge, and caregiver reimbursement details are already in the system, eliminating manual data entry and guaranteeing accurate, timely billing & payments.
  • Optimize Caregiver Performance
    • Use data from visit verification to measure how your team is doing. Know which caregiver is performing well and who needs a little bit of coaching.
  • Technical Support. On-Demand
    • AssuriCare provides technical support to transition your team to the platform as well as continuous guidance to ensure you get the most out of your investment.



Scheduling, Simplified 

  • Smart Client-Caregiver Matching
    • Easily see caregiver availability and pick the perfect match based on skill, experience, and geography.
  • Easy Scheduling
    • Create orders for single or recurring visits, and customize your calendar to see all visit details by week or month.
  • Instant Issue Identification
    • Our color-coded system makes it easy to identify and fix issues before they become problems.
  • Convenient Change Communication
    • Update caregivers and clients of any changes instantly through our mobile app. No more calls and emails.



Billing features that save time

  • Visualize Medicaid Authorization Data
    • No more guessing of whether you are over or under Authorization thresholds to maximize revenue.
  • Automated Client Billing and Collection
    • Save hours by letting the system automatically email invoices directly to clients or responsible parties.
  • Electronic Time Sheet Management
    • Reduce the back and forth by allowing caregivers to electronically sign off on their completed work before you process payroll.
  • Accurate Caregiver Reimbursement
    • Track, report, and export your caregiver data including holiday and overtime calculations to make reimbursements simple & fast.
  • Easily Bill Insurance and Medicaid
    • AssuriCare is compatible with most insurance requirements -which means fewer forms and approval processes. You can also seamlessly export Medicaid 837 format billing files and automatically post 835 format remittance files.