Assuricare for insurers

Mitigate risk.
Reduce cost of care. Improve assessments.

AssuriCare reduces cycle times and offers unmatched fraud, waste and abuse detection by automating and standardizing the claim process. Our suite of in-home, virtual, and telephonic assessments provides dynamic insights for sound benefit eligibility determinations.

AssuriCare helps insurers mitigate risk, reduce cost of care, and improve assessments.
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A World-Class Solution Built by Experts

AssuriCare is your single solution for fraud, waste and abuse detection, digital claim transformation, and virtual and telephonic assessments.

EVV for a More Efficient, Accurate Claim Process

Carriers that use AssuriCare’s EVV & claims services enjoy several key benefits, including:
An automated claims process
Ability to identify fraud, waste, and claim abuse
Unmatched analytics to power decision making
AssuriCare provides EVV for a more efficient and accurate claims process for insurers

$3 Million in 18 Months

"In just 18 months, we eliminated more than $3 million in actual fraud. AssuriCare’s risk and stale case reports helped us quickly identify fraud, waste and abuse cases that we wouldn’t have caught."

- Director of Long-Term Care Operations at a leading long-term care insurer

AssuriCare is the industry's leader in quality assessments

The Industry’s Leader In Quality Assessments

Powerful in-home, virtual, and telephonic assessments provide you with unparalleled insights to make sound benefit eligibility determinations.

Our nationwide and international network of nurses ensures you’ll receive accurate and detailed assessments in a timely fashion, while our internal team of clinicians conducts quality reviews on every assessment before submitting it to you.

Our assessment services feature:
Onsite, virtual, and telephonic assessment options
Accurate, detailed plan of care updates and Chronically Ill Certifications.
Provider locator services for carriers and claimants

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Learn why we’ve led the home care industry for the past 25 years with assessment, EVV, and claims.

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“AssuriCare cut our cycle time in half, from six to three days, keeping us well ahead of all state regulations regarding claim response. Also, all claims now come in a standard, electronic format, making it easier for us to adjudicate and pay."

Director of Long-Term Care Operations at a leading long-term care insurer

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