The Challenge

Griswold Home Care Orlando's manual billing process was extremely labor-intensive. Caregivers filled out billing slips in triplicate, handing over carbon copies for GHC to review and re-key into its accounting system. Clients wrote separate paper checks to both caregivers and the registry. Long-term insurance claims were cumbersome and uncertain. And since the registry accumulated billing for the month without requiring a deposit, it was exposed to significant financial liability.

Herm Eick, the company’s Director, also had to manage risk from a compliance standpoint. “As a registry, it’s pivotal for our model to prove we’re not an employer,” he said. That required a sophisticated online system that demonstrated his clients were directing their own care, as opposed to being told what to do.

AssuriCare Case Study - Griswold Home Care of Orlando

The Solution

Mr. Eick was an early adopter of AssuriCare’s registry payments solution. “It filled a need and removed uncertainty,” he said, adding, “I know best in class help when I see it.” AssuriCare’s payment system handles negotiated rates between clients and caregivers with ease, and offers GHC's clients the option to pay by bank debit or credit in addition to checks.

The Result

By automatically processing billing and payments weekly, AssuriCare eliminated GHC's financial exposure. “I haven’t been burned once from billing since switching to AssuriCare,” said Mr. Eick. “Billing is a non-subject now.” He added that because of AssuriCare he now spends 50% less time on billing and reconciliation.

Billing long-term care insurance companies is now much easier. “Before, I had to retrieve, scan, re-file, prepare a cover letter, and fax shift logs for every LTCI claim. Every company’s process was different, but now it’s all automated,” said Mr. Eick, adding that timeliness of submissions also improved.

AssuriCare has also given Mr. Eick peace of mind when it comes to legal compliance. “One way to lessen risk is to present AssuriCare to our clients,” he said. “They then have a direct relationship with AssuriCare, who equips them with tools to monitor and approve invoices. That relationship takes me out of the equation and protects my registry.”

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