“The video we had together certainly made all the difference. We still experienced the same warmth and friendship attainable in an in-person visit.”

-LTCI Claimant

If you’re like me, you’ve been looking forward to what things will look like in a few months as life hopefully starts to return to “normal.” I miss visiting my business partners, seeing everyone at conferences, going on vacations instead of staycations, and am just tired of living life like it was Groundhog Day!

I’ve also been thinking about the many lasting changes that happened over the past year that have helped pave the way for our new normal. Many industries got creative and made innovations that will provide benefits well beyond this horrific pandemic.

Comprehensive VirtualAssessments (CVAs) are a good example. When COVID-19 hit, we knew that onsite assessments would not be safe for assessors and our most vulnerable citizens for some time. Since assessments were still necessary to understand a policyholder’s functional needs and cognitive status, and carriers needed them to make sound benefit eligibility determinations, AssuriCare developed and offered CVAs. And as time went on, virtual assessments became even more critical as many people weren’t keeping regular appointments with their doctors, and medical records started to become outdated.

AssuriCare’s CVA tool includes all the in-depth, critical questions included in our onsite assessment tool. It also provides the ability to visually verify a claimant’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and to conduct a complete cognitive screening exam using the HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform and technology.

“Virtual assessments have proven so effective that I don't see the need to ever return to in-person versions.”

-LTCI Carrier Client

With over 85% of claimants able to participate in a virtual assessment, our CVAs have proven so effective that many of our long-term care carriers have told us they plan to continue to order virtual assessments even when onsite assessments become safe again.

So while I’ll be happy to see most of the changes COVID caused go by the wayside, I’m proud of this new offering that will continue to provide value to carriers and claimants for years to come.  

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