Home Sweet Home Senior HomeCare is dedicated to helping the elderly live independently at home. They provide screened, professional in-home care referrals families can trust and afford. With 15 years of experience working with seniors and caregivers, they have built the most trusted source for professional caregivers in Southern California.

The Challenge

Operating a domestic referral agency in California requires a detailed understanding of the state’s civil code. “You can’t run a referral agency the same way you would an employee-based model,” said Home Sweet Home Senior Care CEO Tim Crawford.

Complying with state regulations meant a lot of long hours for Tim. “I spent a lot of time billing for each domestic worker and collecting billable time from each domestic worker," he said. “It required 20 hours each week - most agencies have a full-time position for that work.”

The Solution

AssuriCare’s payments platform offered not only compliance, but significant time savings. Before committing, Tim did extensive due diligence to ensure AssuriCare was a complete compliance solution. “I did my homework,” he said. “No other third-party provider I looked at even considered the California civil code, or specifically regulated requirements under the statues, to operate legally.”  

“They now get all their activity -   taxes, hours, charges   - automatically recorded, and get paid consistently each week from all of their clients.”

Tim Crawford, CEO, Home Sweet Home Senior HomeCare

The Result

What began as a quest for a compliant reimbursement solution led to time and financial savings well beyond what Tim expected. He now spends almost no time on billing. “At first I cut it down to one day a week, then to about 45 minutes,” he said. “Now it’s about 10-15 minutes Monday morning- I don’t even put it on the calendar.”

Tim has put that time to good use. “The first six months I was almost lost,” he joked. “I thought, ‘What am I going to do with all this time?’” He’s now able to spend more time marketing to each domestic worker he services, new clients, and a growing base of referrals. All of this effort and time spent on marketing has led to steady growth.

It’s paid dividends with domestic workers too. “I have to make sure domestic workers are getting their needs met,” Tim said. “They now get all their activity - taxes, hours, charges - automatically recorded, and get paid consistently each week from all of their clients.” He added that it’s become a selling feature for him with acquiring new domestic workers. “For any question they ask, I have a better solution than my competition because of AssuriCare.”

AssuriCare has also been a selling point for clients, especially for long-term care insurance claims. “Before giving out a referral to each domestic worker, I needed to make sure they understood how to bill their time with the insurance company, and had previous experience with that particular company’s maze of forms,” Tim said. “AssuriCare has been able to handle every single LTCI claim.”

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