Helpful Hands In-Home Care is a growing Missouri-based home care agency that offers consumer-directed in-home care to its 130 clients throughout the state. “Our services allow our clients to stay in their homes,” said Operational Consultant Gaylard Williams, adding that “we check on them every day to make sure they have what they need. Providing A-1, effective and efficient client service is our primary goal.”

The Challenge

Before Assuricare, Helpful Hands had an extremely manual, paper-based billing process. Completing billing and payroll took four staffers an entire week, and involved painstakingly reviewing paper visit records, reconciling hours billed against hours allotted, billing Medicaid, and coordinating with a third-party company to pay caregivers.

“Everything was paper, everything was manual. We also had to manually bill through eMOMED,” said Gaylard Williams, referring to Missouri’s Medicaid administrator. Agencies have to ensure that caregivers provide the number of units assigned by eMOMED without going over - almost impossible to monitor in real-time without a sophisticated online system.

The Solution

Helpful Hands needed a system to simplify the entire in-home care process. AssuriCare’s agency platform offered just that – an easy to use software suite for scheduling, electronic visit verification, automated billing and payments, and actionable reporting on agency performance.

The Result

By switching to AssuriCare’s automated system, it now takes one staff member less than an hour to complete payroll - that’s a reduction of 160 weekly team-hours to one. The increased efficiency even allowed Helpful Hands to drop its third-party payroll provider.

Mr. Williams’ insight into each visit detail also improved. “It doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t see that green,” he said, referring to AssuriCare’s color-coded system that gives him and the staff real-time insight into caregiver performance.

“If we see red, we know there’s a problem to be solved. We also know if a caregiver is late or forgets to clock out, or if the services requested by the client aren’t being performed. If we see green, then the operation is running smoothly.”

He and the staff can also monitor performance against units allotted by the state. “AssuriCare lets us track how close we are to completing our assigned units, and adjust as needed,” he said, adding that, “AssuriCare allows us to know where things are in real-time. We’re now able to do more with less people. We now work smarter, not harder.”

AssuriCare Case Study - Helpful Hands Home Care Agency.

“AssuriCare makes things easier for caregivers. They can now see their schedules online instead of relying on a printed or emailed schedule.” - Gaylard Williams
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