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Focus on what you do best — finding great caregivers, finding great clients and making great matches.  Leave the rest to us.


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As an owner or administrator of a caregiver referral service you face a large number of challenges. These include providing excellent service for your clients, finding and screening excellent caregivers, tracking caregiver’s time, invoicing clients, submitting insurance claims, record keeping and of course, maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations. In addition to all of this, you now face potential threats from the Department of Labor and plaintiffs’ attorneys openly targeting your business model. Here at AssuriCare, we have spent the last decade working with people just like you.

We have designed our software to solve these problems. Formerly offered under the “LTCpayroll” brand, AssuriCare is the original and only fully integrated and compliant solution for registries. We offer registries a single, simple and compliant platform for scheduling, client and caregiver management.  Our solution has no peer in the industry, and is integrated with AssuriCare’s electronic time tracking, record keeping scheduling, caregiver payments and client collections. 

Hundreds of registries and tens of thousands of families, providers and caregivers have used the AssuriCare platform to manage care, make payments and submit insurance claims. This year, more than a half-billion dollars in total care value will be processed through AssuriCare.

AssuriCare’s platform enables registries to focus on what they do best: find great caregivers, and clients, and make great matches. Our registry customers report spending 80% less time tracking down caregiver hours, client collections, insurance submissions, and more, saving valuable time and money. Our RegistryConnect software platform for scheduling, caregiver referral tracking, reporting and other important administrative tasks was built to provide the registry industry with a “Best in Class” solution tailored just for you, with input and feedback from hundreds of providers across the country. 

Benefits to registries

Compliance Made Easy

  • Registry owners who use AssuriCare’s platform can rest assured that they are better protected from being deemed the employer of the caregiver by the DOL or IRS, and reduces the risk from wage and hour lawsuits. 
  • Our RegistryConnect scheduling and customer management software used by registry staff is completely separate from, but is interfaced with, the EVV, collections and payment services, and is the most compliant solution configuration available to registries today.
  • Use of the platform facilitates IRS 3506 compliance by enabling you to completely remove your registry from the payment stream between the clients and caregivers.
  • We contract separately and directly with clients to provide our Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), electronic payments and billing solutions, helping to protect registries from activities that could possibly implicate control of the caregiver.

Intuitive Online Scheduling and Registry Management 

  • Easily schedule single and repeating visits from your registry management console, matching client needs to caregiver skills 
  • Instantly identify unassigned shifts and quickly offer shifts to a list of available caregivers and allow them to automatically accept or decline the work
  • Quickly communicate with caregivers, send messages via the system via text or email.  Always stay connected when you need it.
  • Simple Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) via our mobile app or telephone guarantees accurate payments

Increase Your Registry’s Visibility to Long Term Care Insurers 

  • As a member of the AssuriCare Connected Network of providers, you have the potential to receive direct referrals from some of the nation’s largest long-term care insurers seeking services for their claimants

Save Time with Automated Paperless Invoicing and Collections

  • Collect all fees due to your referral agency each week, from every client for every shift completed. No waiting for monthly collections or payments.
  • Caregivers reliably receive payments from clients each and every Friday
  • Instant access for clients, caregivers and referral agencies to view recorded hours and services 24x7x365
  • Online invoice submissions to long-term care insurers

The AssuriCare Platform for Registries can include: