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Increase claimant satisfaction, reduce processing cost, and improve speed-to-process with AssuriCare.

We realize COVID-19 has significantly reduced and/or eliminated on-site assessments, making it challenging to determine benefit eligibility. In response, AssuriCare now offers Comprehensive Telephonic Assessments and Comprehensive Virtual Assessments to keep caregivers, assessors and claimants safe by reducing in-person contact.

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As an Insurer, you are facing high processing and administrative costs, long claims turnaround times due to the need to handle non-standardized paper claims, and too few resources to manage it all, making it more difficult to manage risk.

We have designed our software to solve these problems. Many of the largest insurers use AssuriCare, and tens of thousands of families, providers and caregivers have used the AssuriCare platform to manage care, make payments and submit insurance claims.

We offer the only fully integrated platform that allows long-term care claimants and providers to more easily manage their care and their business while submitting verified claims seamlessly to any insurer. Our software is securely delivered online, which means your team, claimants and providers simply log in to quickly and securely access all insights and functions within the platform.


AssuriCare digitizes your claims process — increasing your claimants satisfaction, reducing your processing costs, improving your speed-to-process and helping reduce or eliminate overbilling.

Real-Time Visibility into Provider Billing, Activities and Hours

  • Enables efficient customer, utilization, risk and process insights
  • Facilitates accurate claims decisions and risk management
  • Reduces potential billing issues, mistakes or overbilling
  • Allows earlier notification of claim closure resulting in proactive reserve release

Paperless Invoicing

  • Online submission by claimants and providers
  • Online approval and access to full invoice history
  • Reduce invoices received Not-in-Good-Order (NIGO)
  • Rules-based adjudication and straight-through processing

AssuriCare Provider Network

  • Access to AssuriCare’s network of providers, including agencies, registries, facilities and independent caregivers

The AssuriCare Platform for Insurers can include: