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Very few people are fully prepared when faced with the need for long-term care for themselves or a loved one. The day-to-day process can seem overwhelming. Even things like finding a care provider, tracking and managing care, paying for that care and submitting claims to a long-term care insurer should be simple, but it’s incredibly difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis. Writing checks to multiple providers or caregivers each week, managing a long-distance caregiving situation, or simply getting paid by insurance can be daunting tasks to families across America every day. Even just having the comfort of knowing that a care provider is actually there, in the home, taking care of mom and dad right now could bring greater peace of mind to a stressful situation.

AssuriCare can help. We understand the difficulty of managing a long-term care event in the home. We provide great customer service from caring staff who are trained to speak with the elderly, families and caregivers. Tens of thousands of families, providers and caregivers have used the AssuriCare platform to find providers, manage care, easily and securely make payments and submit insurance claims, and this year, more than a half-billion dollars in total care value will be processed through AssuriCare.

AssuriCare can be a lifesaver to remote family members to give them peace of mind to manage a difficult situation from far away from finding, managing, tracking, paying, and receiving reimbursement for care.

Whether care is needed from a facility, agency or independent provider, AssuriCare helps simplify and streamline the process. Using the AssuriCare platform, care recipients and their families can record and manage care, pay for their care and submit insurance claims quickly, easily and reliably. When paying for care using a private long-term care insurance policy, reimbursement is typically received faster when using the AssuriCare platform. If the family is looking for care, AssuriCare can help connect them with a quality and cost-effective provider that uses the AssuriCare platform.

The AssuriCare Platform for Families can include: