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For Registry Caregivers

Focus on your clients, not on paperwork!


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Being a caregiver is a difficult job.  As an independent caregiver referred to your client(s) by a caregiver referral company, you may face challenges tracking your time, getting paid reliably every week, filling out forms, and other administrative tasks.  If your client has long-term care insurance, you may need to fill out additional forms and follow a difficult process to submit to their insurance so you or your client can get paid. 

AssuriCare is here to help.  AssuriCare’s platform and tools make it easy to accurately track and get paid via direct deposit for the care you provide. You can use our mobile app to easily record hours and services delivered, track and retain records of care and payments, and you will reliably receive payments directly into your bank account or a prepaid card on a weekly or biweekly basis.  Better yet, if your client has long-term care insurance, all of the paperwork for submitting invoices to the insurance company is taken care of by us. We submit the information digitally to the insurance company so you don’t have to.

Tens of thousands of families, providers and caregivers have used the AssuriCare platform to find and manage care, make payments to providers, and submit insurance claims.  This year, more than a half-billion dollars in total care value will be processed through AssuriCare.

The AssuriCare Platform for
Registry Caregivers can include: