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The AssuriCare Platform reduces administrative effort with easy online submission for long-term care claims.


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As an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, you gladly welcome residents paying with private long-term care insurance but face the challenge of dealing with non-standard billing requirements and claim submission processes across different insurers.  

We have designed our software to solve this problem. Over tens of thousands of families, providers and caregivers have used the AssuriCare platform to manage care, make payments and submit insurance claims, and this year, more than a half-billion dollars in total care value will be processed through AssuriCare.

The AssuriCare Platform for Facilities benefits your residents, their families and your staff.  Using a single online claim submission and platform reduces your administrative work and enables you to submit invoices to virtually any insurer, completely free of charge. Facilities who work with AssuriCare can spend significantly less time submitting invoices, and insurers appreciate the standardized digital forms. Our software platform is securely delivered online, which means you simply login to quickly access the information to submit secure, digital long-term care insurance claims within the platform.


It’s FREE to Facilities

Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities have access to the AssuriCare platform for submitting invoices to long-term care insurers for free!  While some insurers may request or require the use of the AssuriCare platform to submit claims, others will typically accept the AssuriCare information as proof of loss enabling more rapid reimbursement and better customer service.  While some carriers may require the use of the LTCfastpay platform for some or all ongoing claims submissions for different provider types, virtually all insurers will accept AssuriCare’s submissions as acceptable proof of loss.  

No discount offer, payment arrangement or provider contract is necessary for a facility to utilize the AssuriCare platform.

Save Time with Standardized, Electronic Claims Submissions

Why fill out 10 different forms for 10 different residents?  AssuriCare offers a standardized claims form which works for virtually all long-term care insurers. Reduce manual processes through our online submissions tool, making easy online changes or corrections to invoices from our online portal.

More Satisfied Residents

Claimants and providers using AssuriCare to submit claims report faster reimbursement and fewer payment errors compared to traditional submission methods.  

  • Timely and accurate payment = satisfied residents

Increased visibility to Long-Term Care Insurers 

As a member of the AssuriCare Connected Network of providers, Facilities using the AssuriCare platform have the potential to receive direct referrals from some of the nation’s largest long-term care insurers seeking services for their claimants.

The AssuriCare Platform for Facilities can include: