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“We founded the company on a simple idea – build technology that connects families, providers and insurers to make it fundamentally easier to manage, pay for and be reimbursed for care. With hundreds of years of long-term care and technology experience on the team, we had the opportunity to solve it – so we did.”

– Michael Gilbert, Founder and CEO


Long-term care can be difficult and overwhelming to manage. Families, providers and insurers all share challenges: making good care decisions, finding and retaining compassionate and quality providers, managing the cost of care, helping long-distance family members manage complex situations, and physically paying for or reimbursing for care provided. 

We have designed our software to solve these problems

Since 2010, AssuriCare has revolutionized the way people find, manage and pay for long-term care, the way providers manage and grow their businesses, and the way payers and administrators receive, evaluate and process long-term care claims.  To date, tens of thousands providers and caregivers have used the AssuriCare platform to find and manage care, make payments and submit insurance claims, and this year, more than a half-billion dollars in total care value will be processed through AssuriCare.

Our mission is clear – to help people more easily access, manage and pay for quality long-term care by seamlessly connecting care recipients, providers and insurers. 

Our Values

  • Our People: Our employees are the most valuable part of our business and key to our client’s success.
  • Innovation: We value technical innovation paired with deep expertise in long-term care to ensure we consistently deliver what our clients need today and anticipate what they need tomorrow.
  • Leadership: Our focus is to bring long-term care solutions to market that enable our clients to reach their goals and positively contribute to the advancement of the entire long-term care industry.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves and each other responsible for our actions and understand the positive impact to our clients and our team.
  • Customer Value: Every action we take is tied to creating value for our clients.
AssuriCare core values